Reasons to be cheerful - 10th May 2018

Last week I told you that I was going to a Spoken Word event where I was going to showcase not just my writing, but also some music. 

I'm pleased to say that it went really well, and my friend and I went to the opening of an art exhibition and ate out to make a real night of it.

I made a conscious decision to not work over the bank holiday weekend and spent the whole time out in my garden, you can read about it here. I'm particularly pleased with the new herb garden I planted.

If all the vegetables come to fruition I'm going to be able to save a shed load of money on my shopping and also create some wonderful food. I'll also be having a go at preserving some stuff (thank goodness for a HUGE, old-fashioned pantry.

I've also managed to finally get my head down and work out how I work best to make the most productive use of my time, which has been great.

What are your reasons to be cheerful this week?

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  1. Good luck with your garden. I'd love to see photos as the produce grows. Have another lovely weekend xx

  2. Well done on your presentation last week and I hope all the veggies come through for you, it is so satisfying when they do. Mich x


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