Reasons to be cheerful - 24th May 2018

It's been a funny old week this week. Yesterday I felt absolutely awful - thank you menopausal hormones - but the rest of the week has been pretty good.
I've been doing a lot of writing, some of it about bubbles and I was extremely pleased with the picture above, it just makes me smile almost as much as actually blowing bubbles.
The garden is coming on apace, with all the seeds I planted starting to sprout and the addition of a table to the patio. I was also ridiculously excited to see that I'm going to have a bumper crop of blackcurrants this year as well as the blackberries and plenty of strawberries.
I've been making a conscious effort to eat more stuff that will hopefully help with the hormones. This was breakfast this morning, lemon water followed by a shake made with blackberries, avocado, chia seeds, apple juice and a splash of milk and actually rather yummy. 
I've got a busy couple of days ahead with lots of work to finish and I'm hoping to be able to take Monday off to enjoy the long bank holiday weekend here in the UK, but we'll have to see how my work goes.
What are your reasons to be cheerful this week?
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