Reasons to be cheerful - 31st May 2018

Okay, where did May go? Seriously how did that happen? These last 31 days seem to have flown by.

Anyway, another Thursday another "reasons to be cheerful", no linky this week as both Becky and Mich are taking well-earned breaks with their families, but here goes from me...

I've got so much writing done this week, both stuff that has up-coming deadlines and stuff that I've just been writing for fun. Anyway, it's been a very happy time of scribbling away.

De-cluttering has been happening as both J and I get rid of clothes we no longer wear (in J's case getting rid of (finally) of an age 13 t-shirt and some age 14 trousers! He's 19 soon!!).

The weather hasn't been great, but dad and I have managed to get out into the garden and plant a few more flowers and some dwarf beans.

And finally, I'm getting ready today to go on a little break over the weekend, which is why I'm busy busy today.

What are your reasons to be cheerful this week?


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