When it's not all wine and roses

I don't know what it is about the last couple of weeks, but a few people -me included - have jumped on to social media to confess that life isn't always wine and roses and that maybe we shouldn't be afraid to step up and say that.

Think about old photograph albums, if you looked at those the weather is always sunny, it hardly ever rains and there are always smiles.

I posted a video about feeling crappy, my hormones were raging and I felt rubbish, but I was lucky enough to be able to take some downtime and recover (I was fine by the next day), and a couple of other people I know posted similar stuff.

And it made me think that there's huge pressure to always present this picture of everything being fine and dandy, of never crying, and never saying "today was just 'meh'", and then people think that it must be them and they must be doing something wrong or not getting it. But honestly, we all get like that sometimes, we're just not very good at telling anyone about it. We sit quietly and feel rotten and don't ask for a hug or a kind word, because we've got this odd idea that that makes us look weak.

It's not weak, and we shouldn't be ashamed that sometimes we need to ask for the help that we're so quick to give other people. And when things aren't all wine and roses we shouldn't be afraid to share that as happily as we share the sunshine and ice cream.

PS: I'm feeling pretty awesome at the moment, but when that changes I'll let you know x


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