With silver bells and cockle shells...

... And things growing EVERYWHERE!

This week (30th April - 6th May) is National Gardening Week, so I'm jumping in with a series of posts about gardening... My garden, why gardening is good for you, what gardening is going to mean for me over the coming months, why gardening is cool, why it doesn't have to be expensive, or difficult and why you don't need a huge space to do it in... All stuff gardening basically.

So today I'm sharing some pictures and updates about my garden. Up top of this post is the camellia that's currently growing in a hidden place in the back garden. I don't know where it came from, I didn't plant it, but once it's finished flowering, it's going to move to take centre stage in the new front garden.

It'll be going there, in that central square. I can't take credit for this re-working, my dad did it all (including building the stone planting bed under the window.

Dad was also responsible for building this raised vegetable bed in the back garden, which will soon be home to most of these beauties...

I grew most of these (not the beans, I bought those in a garden centre). Anyway, along with the beans, tomatoes and courgettes here, I'll also be growing peppers, radishes, onions, spring onions, beetroot, salad leaves, rocket, carrots, leeks and parsnips. If all these come to fruition I'll have a busy time eating fresh, but also cooking and freezing batches of yummy stuff.

I wouldn't like you to think fruit misses out in my garden. I have strawberries, blackberries and blackcurrants too!

And this year I have a new project to work on, creating a herb garden in this lovely planted made by a friend. I'm looking forward to deciding what and how to plant, so watch this space.

So, that's a tour of my garden domain, check back in the coming days for more posts about the joys of gardening.

What do you grow?


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