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150 things about me (all true)

Happy 150th blog post to me... And to celebrate, here are 150 things about me and they are all true!

1. My middle name is Margaret
2. My star sign is Libra
3. I'm 50 in October
4. I'm a practising Christian
5. I can't drive a car
6. The last live theatre I saw was Macbeth at the National in London
7. My favourite novel is Dracula
8. My favourite movies are The Godfather, Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid and Bram Stoker's Dracula.
9. I have a son
10. He is over 18
11. The first poster I had on my bedroom wall was of Donnie Osmond
12. My favourite Star Trek is Next Generation
13. My favourite classic Dr Who is Colin Baker
14. My favourite new Dr Who is David Tennant
15. My favourite Dr Who companion is Nardole
16. If I had to choose a Dr to travel with it would be the 8th (Paul McGann)
17. I have 4 A' Levels
18. I appeared on BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour once
19. The last movie I saw in a cinema was Avengers: Infinity War
20. I always look for Krilitane when I go into Newport
21. My favourite song ever is Vienna by Ultravox
22. I am Welsh
23. I am a stationery addict
24. I am right handed
25. I am really shortsighted
26. I don't like going to the gym
27. I love doing yoga
28. I love steampunk
29. I have two cats
30. I used to be a Scout Leader
31. I'm good at reading out loud
32. I can play the guitar, double bass, recorder and piano
33. I can't play the drums
34. I can cook
35. My favourite hobby is gardening
36. The worst book I've ever read was Frankenstein
37. I have one younger brother
38. All my cats have been boys
39. The next live theatre I'm going to see is Othello at the Globe
40. I love Babylon 5
41. I finally read all of the Adrian Mole books in 2018
42. I have 3 piercings (one in my left ear, two in my right)
43. I have two - very tiny - medical tattoos
44. I have never broken a bone in my body
45. I have a degree in Education, Theological and Religious Studies
46. VeraAShaides is an anagram of my name (and also my Twitter handle and email address)
47. I have a record turntable and no vinyl records
48. The last pinup on my bedroom wall was Fish
49. The last band I saw live was The Manfreds
50. The first band I saw live was Echo and The Bunnymen
51. The best live band I ever saw was Pink Floyd
52. I write most things in longhand before I type them on the computer
53. I use a bullet journal
54. I keep a diary and write in it almost every day
55. I am not a vegetarian
56. I do not like cabbage
57. I have never ridden on a motorbike
58. I have never been in an ambulance
59. When I was little I lived in Cyprus
60. I am NOT afraid of spiders
61. I can make a shelter out of a tarpaulin and some rope
62. I can light a fire
63. I have a food hygiene certificate
64. I know Makaton
65. I am not that bothered about wearing make up
66. I am not that bothered about having grey hair
67. I always have my nails cut short (product of playing the bass)
68. I do not (and probably will never) have an iPhone
69. I don't like peanut butter flavoured KitKat
70. I love Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
71. I do Elf on the Shelf every Advent, even though there are no children in my house
72. I read Angel cards but not Tarot
73. I love sending snail mail cards/letters
74. I drink coffee
75. I don't like cereal with milk, but I will eat it with yoghurt
76. I nearly always wear a watch
77. I am always early for things
78. I've done the cancer journey
79. My favourite city is New York
80. I like salted caramel (but it has to be salty)
81. I don't have a duvet, I use sheets and blankets
82. I get up at 6am
83. I bath rather than shower
84. My favourite colour is purple
85. I don't really like doing social media 'lives'
86. I'm happy performing to a real life audience
87. I started writing professionally in 2005
88. I had a miscarriage in 2004
89. I live in the city where I was born
90. My son and I were born in the same hospital
91. The Health Visitor who looked after me when I was a baby also looked after my son
92. I've failed the UK driving test 6 times
93. The first 7 inch vinyl single I bought was Vienna by Ultrvox
94. The first vinyl album I bought was by Shawoddywoddy
95. The last CD I bought was Orchestrated by Midge Ure
96. I have a Kindle, but some books HAVE to be bought as print copies
97. The last Kindle book I bought was "The 5 Second Rule" by Mel Robbins
98. The last print book I bought was "The Long and The Short of It" by my friend Annmarie Miles
99. The last thing I watched on iPlayer was Peter Capaldi's last episode as Dr Who
100. The last thing I watched on Netflix was "Whitechapel" - all 4 series
101. Every Good Friday I watch Jesus Christ Superstar
102. Every Christmas Eve I watch The Muppet Christmas Carol
103. I go to the Midnight Service on Christmas Eve
104. My favourite chocolate bar is a dark chocolate Bounty
105. If I go out for a coffee I like cappuccino
106. My favourite fictional detective is Sherlock Holmes
107. I am a stationery addict
108. I like cake
109. The last fan convention I went to was a My Little Pony one (and it wasn't that long ago)
110. I like buying clothes in charity chops
111. I hardly ever wear high heels
112. In summer I wear daps in winter I wear Dr Martens
113. I can swim
114. I still jump when I watch Jaws, even though I know the head is going to appear
115. My favourite James Bond is Timothy Dalton
116. I'm not that fussed on Rhubarb
117. I can make macaroni cheese from scratch
118. Butterflies are my favourite thing
119. I always carry a notebook and a pen
120. I never schedule posts on my Instagram feed, I just post live
121. I very rarely use filters on my pictures
122. I can't be a blood donor
123. I like knitting
124. I can't crochet (I've tried, I just can't)
125. I am self-employed
126. I didn't really enjoy being an employee
127. I can do audio transcription
128. I have an iPod that's so old it's a pre-Classic (it still works)
129. I don't wear mascara
130. I wear brown eyeliner
131. I've never seen Frozen all the way through
132. There is a box in my attic that hasn't been unpacked since 1998
133. I have a pink piggy bank where I put my odd change
134. I'm not a very good singer (but I've never let that stop me)
135. I do my house chores first thing on a Monday morning
136. I do my food shopping on a Wednesday
137. I carry a piece of snowflake obsidian with me all the time
138. I really enjoy breakfast in bed
139. I like taking photos of random things
140. I don't draw enough, which is why I don't very well
141. I don't wear any rings on my fingers (or toes)
142. I hardly ever schedule blog posts, I write them on the day they're published
143. I love walking in the city or the country, I'm not fussy
144. I like cake
145. I drink (very little) pink wine
146. I sleep with the window and the curtains open
147. I can make butter
148. I don't sunbathe
149. I love writing and am so glad I can do it every day
150. This was a really hard post to write


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