Updated: From the archives..."Hello menopause..."

11th June2018...

I saw the doctor today and got someTranexamic acid pills which should stop the bleeding (bored now, though it is actually not as bad as it was), and I've booked in to get bloods done next week to check my iron levels and thyroid function. Will update again when I know more.

Back in September of 2017, I wrote about the 'joys' of the menopause and I thought I'd revisit that post today because tomorrow I have to go to the doctor with the further joys of the menopause.

Without going into too much detail I've been bleeding for 17 days (oh yes), and for the last eight of those days, I've been bleeding at the rate of needing to change a super tampon every two hours! You can imagine the joys that has caused me and the necessity to never be too far from a toilet. Also, there has been no wearing of white trousers, but there has been a tampon, a pad, two pairs of knickers and dark trousers (in hot summer weather. Yay!)

And so tomorrow I need to take myself off to the doctor, not forgetting that the last time I saw a GP was when I found the lump that turned out not to be a little cyst but the Big C.

I'm pretty sure that there's nothing untoward with this current period, but given the length of time it's been going on for, and given that it doesn't look like it's going to stop any time soon, I thought - if nothing else - I ought to get my iron levels checked.

I'll update this post as soon as I know any more, but for now... Yay, menopause!


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