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Investing in myself is paying off, big time!

I wrote back in February 2018 about investing in myself and at the end of last month (May 2018), I revisited that post and talked about how the 'joys' of the menopause had made me take some time to re-evaluate what I've been doing. Well, I wanted to talk today about how the investment has been paying off.

Last week I wrote about how I plan and 'do' my daily life and it slightly freaked some people out, but it's very much the product of my investment in myself and working out what works for me. I'm not for a minute suggesting that it'd work for everyone. Today, for example, I got up and started my day at 4:30am because I was wide awake and raring to go (despite having planned to get up at 6:00am). Anyway, it's now 8:25am and I've done everything I'd planned to do plus an extra hour or so of reading, putting in a load of laundry and mixing up a soap and water spray to go and attack some black fly on my bean plants later.

Is the investment working though?

Last week I earned more in a week than I have for a very long time, and I mean significantly more. It's not because of some airy fairy thing either before anyone cries "mumbo jumbo" (I'm looking at my little brother). It's because I showed up and worked more in the hours I have, simple as that. I've stopped waiting to be picked (thanks Janet Murray for that one, even if it was in a different context), and I've started going out and doing the job, living the life and seeing the returns.

The thing with investing in yourself is that you have to keep doing it. A big gulp might push you forward for a bit, but tiny sips keep you going throughout the day (see what I did there?) And actually, once you start investing, you kind of get pulled along, one thing leads to another, and another, and... Then you work out that some of the time you have has to be invested in finding new or better ways to make use of your time to get where you want to be.

My next step

Keeping on showing up. See, the truth is, I used to be a waiter. I used to wait for the good things to come my way, for that lucky strike, for someone to magically go "Oh, I know, what we need here is Sarah", but that doesn't really happen in real life. In real life you have to turn up and put in the hours and jump off the cliff because you won't know if you can fly until you jump.

And so here I am, getting up early, showing up and doing my thing and making it happen for myself. I'm not waiting to be picked and I'm making my own luck. And guess what? I've never been happier!


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