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Reasons to be cheerful - 21st June 2018

You know when you're 'a bit busy', and a friend drags you out for a coffee or a walk or a chat and you have to just stop what you're doing and enjoy life passing by? That. This week I've spent time doing not a lot with both cats choosing to sleep on me and chilling with my son. 
He's eventually persuaded me to give video games another go (I am hopeless, my brain doesn't get it and if I have to press more than one button I'm usually lost).
Not that I haven't been busy, I have. I have loads of client work on at the moment, so I've been working away every day. It's easy to get caught up in work and doing though, so I've been careful to take advantage of those times where I can choose to stop.
Most of the garden is bursting with life, and I've enjoyed the fruits of it this week. I'm looking forward to being able to use spinach, courgettes and strawberries from my garden in a lunch party on Sunday, but some of it hasn't worked out either. It's not a massive disaster, and most of it can be recovered from, but it would have been easy to get discouraged rather than to be thankful for what is coming really well.
The Universe sent me a nice little message earlier this week too, which was nice.
What are your reasons to be cheerful and grateful this week?
R2BC at Mummy from the Heart


  1. My son gave up on me playing video games with him a long time ago! Glad your garden is proving fruitful #R2BC

    1. You'd think he would have got the message by now, but I shall carry on being hopeless at it for as long as he finds it endearing.

  2. I don't get video games either. In fact "game" is rapidly becoming my least favourite word. I like the sound of you finding balance in your days and I am intrigued by the universe message - good on you for recognising it though #R2BC

    1. Re: the Universe's message... I've been trying to do something for ages and it's not that the "thing" is wrong, I've just been going about it in the wrong way. I finally had a eureka moment this morning and thought "Oh, yes, now I see!"

  3. I'm still back in the good old days of cards - we spent the weekend playing contract whist.

    1. Yes, I'm on much safer ground with cards or boardgames

  4. I can't do video games although I'm not bad at harry potter Lego! You look rather cosy there with your cat. Hope the lunch went well our garden is coming along nice too :)


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