Welcome to Wednesday - 6th June 2018

Wednesday is 'hump day', the middle of the conventional working week, you've climbed up to it from Monday and now it's all downhill to Friday afternoon when you can shut your office door and enjoy the weekend. Of course, if - like me - you're freelance, or if you work in a not office job that might not apply.

It's a sort of "I made it!" kind of day. Last week I wrote about how I wasn't feeling all tickety-boo, this week, thankfully, I'm on a much more even keel.

I have to say though I'm currently having the 'fun' of the menopause (again), with the HEAVIEST of heavy bleeding (thanks for that body). Still, it has made me consciously think about eating and drinking more healthily because, you know, not randomly collapsing or babbling due to lack of replacing what's being lost from the old bod.

Excitingly the garden is growing and things are starting to be harvested. I nearly took a photo of the first radish to be dug up, but it looked so yummy that I ate it instead. I can, however, share a pic of

the first strawberries. They're finishing ripening on the windowsill because I didn't want the local wildlife to scoff them (yes, I am mean).

Lots more gardening news to come as I start to reap the rewards of my planting. Watch this space.


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