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Let me eat cake...

Today (10th July 2018), is Teddy Bears Picnic Day, nobody seems to know why. Anyway, I didn't have a picnic - even though the weather has sorted itself out a bit, and it does actually feel like it's safe to go outdoors. But I have been thinking about healthy eating and weight loss - or lack thereof.

I've been eating healthily (ish), and exercising more for a few months now and though I've lost quite a few inches from my arms, thighs, chest (ok, boobs), waist and hips, I haven't lost any actual weight for a while. I got a bit despondent about this until I realised that what I've actually done is lost fat, but gained muscle because I'm doing a lot of yoga.

If I was only weighing, I'd have given up ages ago and figured I was just not going to lose any weight, but I only half-heartedly weigh now and then celebrate the decreasing inches I'm measuring each week.

I like healthy food.

These zoodles (or courgetty), with pesto and pumpkin seeds, were really delicious (especially as the courgettes (zucchini), were grown by my own fair paws in my garden), but I also like cake!!

I could pretend this was a super-healthy, low sugar, fat-free cake, but it wasn't. It has got all natural ingredients in it and I was mindful of the thickness of the buttercream and the jam and the fondant icing, but it's still cake, and it's delicious. Anyway, before we enjoyed a slice of this cake, my son and I did a brisk 50-minute walk - and it was brisk for me because he has much longer legs than me, so I have to scuttle to keep up.

I was pleased to see Nadiya Hussain pointing out in this story that having treats, but balancing that with exercise is a personal responsibility and one that parents should take on to ensure the health of their children. My son is an adult, but that doesn't mean that I don't still keep an eye on what I"m feeding him and whether he's getting enough fresh air and exercise, (heck I'm nearly 50 and my mum is still keeping an eye on me).

So yes, I shall choose to eat cake and choose to exercise and I'll take life as it comes and not worry too much about the fact that I'm enjoying myself.


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