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Staying out of the sun...

Gratuitous picture of an ice lolly 'cos it's so hot

Well, we've really done it this year haven't we? The UK is basking (well, more flumping really), in the hottest of heatwaves.

I'm finding myself working in the evenings more and doing very little actual work in the day. The house is boiling, sitting in front of a laptop is just torture and gardening has been reduced to watering everything at about 8:30 in the evening and picking crops whenever there's a shady patch.

I'm caked in sun lotion whenever I go out for any more than about 5 minutes and believe me you shouldn't go outside without shoes on - I nearly turned both my feet into bacon doing that on the first really hot day. Seriously though, stay inside, especially at the hottest part of the day.

I slept out in my tent one night last week

it was just too hot to contemplate even sleeping downstairs in the house. Through the day I've had every window and every door open trying to get an air flow through, and it is better than it was. I've been drinking water like there's no tomorrow and have so far managed not to get into any scrapes.

The cats hate this weather. They spend all their time outside right inside bushes or sleeping on the concrete breeze block walls and gateposts. They have a bowl of water in a shady spot in the garden and have even eaten a few of their meals out there rather than coming in to the house.

Through the middle part of the day it's really too hot to do anything much at all and I'm lucky I can just embrace the fact that I can work when it suits me, so the days are now largely spent lounging and resting.

I don't envy people with office jobs, or school jobs, anyone who has to go out and keep working no matter how hot it gets, but I salute you for doing it.

Me, I'm making sure I take care of myself and my family so that we weather this weather without any major incidents... Pass me a cold drink.


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