Reasons to be cheerful - 29th October 2018

I'm a bit late I know, but, well life got in the way again. Anyway, here are my reasons to be cheerful...

Life got in the way again...

I seem to be super busy at the moment, but it's all good stuff and I'm having a lot of fun.

Made in Roath

I spent a great weekend with my friend Es facilitating an event for the Made In Roath festival in Cardiff, there was art and music and stories and sharing of cake and we had a generally fantastic time.

I was on the radio

I went to Abergavenny to appear on a show on NHSound the local hospital radio station, I was talking about my book and the writing life in general.

I introduced the readers at an open mic night

I read one of my stories too, but I didn't take a photo of myself.

Isn't it funny that the busier you get the more opportunities seem to come along? I've had to start being super organised again and making sure everything is in my diary. Still, at least I have lots of reasons to be cheerful!


  1. Better late than never! Such great reasons so glad it’s all good

    1. Thanks Becky. I've written it in my diary this week, so I should actually post on time x


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