Reasons to be cheerful - 17th November 2018

Last week I spent 8 wonderful days in Edinburgh, at home with my partner, this is one of the 2 photos I took. It wasn't that there was nothing to take pictures of, I just took the decision to put my phone in my bag and concentrate on living in the moment. There were lots of amazing moments and we enjoyed every one of them!

I came back with lots of ideas of things to write and fantastic memories that I shared with my partner but not with the whole social media world.

That's one of the other things I've got to be cheerful about; the fact that I've stopped using social media quite so much for personal stuff.

I'm busy with work of all sorts, but I'm really enjoying the challenge of creating lots of new things.

Those are my reasons to be cheerful this week, what are yours?

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart


  1. Oh a trip to Edinburgh sounds amazing and good for you for putitng your phone away an djust enjoying it. Have a fab weekend. Mich x

  2. I love Edinburgh. And I totally agree about being in the moment and enjoying it first hand rather than through the camera lens. x


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