Reasons to be cheerful - 24th January 2019

How is it Thursday again? How does that happen? Time really does seem to be passing more quickly the older I get. Anyway, here are my reasons to be cheerful for this week...

1) Lunch with a friend... On Sunday I went to Cardiff and had lunch and a shopping trip with an old friend. It was great to get out and about, enjoy some lovely food and great company and just do something a little bit different.

2) Writing... I've made huge leaps forward with my next book this week and I'm at the stage where I'm now ready to write the bit that's going to form the new ending. It's not that there was anything wrong with the old ending, it's just that I had an idea that means I have to extend the story a little way, but I know what happens and what I need to do, so I'm excited to sit down and get it written.

I've also written a couple of short stories this week, something I haven't done for a little while, so I'm feeling really accomplished.

3) Having a clear out... There's a corner in the bedroom and a cupboard in my spare room where "stuff" goes to be forgotten about, so this week I attacked both of those areas and got rid of a pile of random papers and things that were just junk. Then - and this was the really good bit - I put the 'keeper' stuff away properly so that I can actually find it when I need it (go me).

So those are my reasons to be cheerful, what are yours?

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  1. lunch with a friend sounds fab! well done on writing and sorting

  2. How is the first book doing? I hope it's selling well. The second book is always harder, I think because you've already used some of things you know about and great characters that you can't use again. I'm very impressed.

  3. It's selling slowly, but I never really expected to sell thousands of copies. The second one is a novel rather than a collection of short stories, so it's going to be completely different I think x


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