Reasons to be cheerful - 15th February 2019

I almost posted this yesterday, but then I ended up watching some TV with my son... far more important than blogging!

Anyway, my reasons to be cheerful this week are simple...

Being a lady who lunches...

My lovely friend Anne treated me to lunch out this week, we spent 3 hours nattering, enjoyed a delicious lunch and had a wonderful time.

Spring's on the way...

Although the spring plants are coming through in my garden, none of them has flowered yet, but I did see these

on my way home from work this afternoon. There's nothing says springtime like a pile of daffs.

Seeing my name in print...

I really shouldn't get excited at this any more, I've been getting stuff published for 13 years now, but it still gives me a buzz


So, those are my reasons to be cheerful, what are yours?

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart


  1. A three hour lunch and a great natter, sounds just perfect to me and well done on being published again. I don't think I'd ver tire of seeing my name in print. Mich x


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