Reasons to be cheerful - 1st February 2019

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I know, I'm a day late. Where did January go? Anyway, here are my reasons to be cheerful for the last week...
1) Movie with my mum... I wanted to see Mary Queen Of Scots, so I'd arranged to go on Monday afternoon and my mum decided to come with me. It was great to spend some time with her and I really enjoyed the film, so it was a win all round really.
2) Reading... Having seen The Favourite earlier in January all about Queen Anne, the Duchess of Marlborough and their set I'm now reading Virginia Cowles' book 'The Great Marlborough and his Duchess', all about John and Sarah Churchill and their place in history. It's a really gripping read and I'm spending many happy hours cwtched up with a hot water bottle devouring the story.
3) Writing... I picked up three commissions for magazine articles (yay), and I've also tracked down some more information for my current book project (a historical fiction novel about the establishment of Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire...).
I'm also still hugely enjoying working my non-writing job, cooking, laughing at the cats, and generally loving life.
So, those are my reasons to be cheerful this week, what are yours?


  1. Wow it sounds as if things are going brilliantly. I love an afternoon with my Mum. Mich x

    1. Have to admit life is pretty good at the moment Mich xx

  2. Writing, cooking and laughing. What could be better than that? Have another great week. xxx

  3. Movie with mum sounds great! The history of the Stuart period is fascinating.


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