Reasons to be cheerful - 21st February 2019

This week I've been consciously slowing down, I was just getting too manic, so I've deliberately slowed down, I'm not doing any less, in fact, I'm probably doing more, but I'm doing it more thoughtfully and enjoying it more.

I've done lots of writing this week, moving my next book forward

which has been great and I've returned to doing some origami which is preparing for a piece of work I want to create.

And lastly, I've spent some time with both my cats

which is so nice.

R2BC at Mummy from the Heart


  1. Short is sometimes the sweetest of all reasons. I must learn from you and slow things down a bit as seem to be adding more on my to do list when I don't really need to fill every gap #R2BC

    1. I think though Kate, that we kid ourselves into believing that filing every moment with "stuff" is the way to get things done, but I find it just spirals me into complete overwhelm

  2. Aw love your cat! It's so important to step back sometimes even if for a short while I'm glad you're slowing down a little. Book sounds exciting goodluck with your writing! R2bc


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