The sound of silence...

Recently I've stopped listening to podcasts, music and audiobooks on my walks to and from work and when I'm out and about.

This might come as a real surprise to those who know that I love the spoken word and music and that I'm a great listener to 'things' (well, you have to be when you're a writer really).

The thing I noticed was that I was constantly busy, I'd got into the cycle of believing that every moment had to be well-used and productive, but I'd forgotten that silence is hugely important.

Silence is that blue sky, daydreamy, letting things come to you time, it's that time when I should be listening for that wee small voice that says 'try that', 'go there', 'what about', 'hello'. And I was missing out on all that because I'd forgotten to be quiet.

And so I'm making a conscious effort to embrace that quiet now, I'm looking for opportunities for quiet time and not filling every waking moment with busyness and it's great. I'm spending more time looking and listening and just being open to whatever pops into my head. I've even taken to sometimes leaving my mobile phone behind when I go out for walks and leaving it in a different room in the house while I potter about or sit at my desk to do bits and bobs.

Silence shouldn't be scary, it should be enriching and comfortable and full of possibilities and I'm looking forward to spending more quiet time over the next few months.