Reasons to be cheerful - 14th March 2019

A busy one of writing, planning writing, making some time to celebrate International Women's Day and thinking about my next trip.

I've got my current book project to the stage where it's ready for me to work on the third draft. I've got the whole story now and I'm preparing to spend April in Camp NaNoWriMo making sure it's the best it can be before I do a final polish on it and then get it ready to publish in the summer.

This week I've also made a start on a new long story project. I didn't know it was going to be that, but as I was writing a short story I realised that there was more I wanted to develop about the idea than I'd have space for in a short form. I'm going to be good though, make sure I have detailed notes on where I want to go with it and then I'll put it aside until later in the year.

So, my reason to be cheerful this week has been enjoying my creativity, what's yours?

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